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Dear couple,

I love shooting weddings. We've been doing it for 10  fun filled years.  I like the all day party atmosphere. I like all the joy, families coming together. The looks on everyone's face when they walk down the aisle...the introductions, the pounding dance floor. All of it.


42 years in television and film as a director, cinematographer, photographer, composer and arranger, sound designer, sound mixer, post production studio owner, editor, script writer and 10 years as an event and commercial videographer... and I have the most fun shooting weddings.


I combine many many years of my experience & expertise with a passion for telling stories and I apply it to every wedding art film I create.

Email //  bill@cinemabride.com


call 908-310-5481 or

email at bill@cinemabride.com

Clinton, NJ

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