Toast Tips

Toasts are a very important element in to the Platinum and Gold Cinemabride wedding film. Well written and delivered toasts go a very long way in helping us create a truly enjoyable wedding video. Weak toasts don’t make it into our Platinum and Gold films.

Most people are not adept at public speaking and get nervous in front of a room full of people. That is certainly understandable. But you can rise to the occasion by following a few tips.

cinemabride-toast Tip # 1   Short of going to toasting school, do a little research online and you’ll get a leg up on a good toast. One humorous article is “How To Give A Best Man Toast That Doesn’t Suck” another is “Write and Give A Great Wedding Toast” There are numerous articles to read online. Pick one and do it right. It will make all the difference in the world at the wedding.

Tip #2   Allow the videographer to move the “toasters” away from the sweetheart table and out on to the dance floor to deliver their toast. Positioning the best man and maid of honor behind or next to the sweetheart table will result in a lot of footage of the two of you twisting your necks in an awkward manner. Though it may be the easiest way for a lone videographer to cover the toasts with one camera but it’s not the best look for your film when you have the benefit of two videographers and multiple cameras.

At New Jersey-based Cinemabride, we often cover toasts with 3-4 cameras for a more cinematic look: tight and wide angle shot on the toaster, a two-shot of the couple at the sweetheart table and lastly, a wide angle cover shot. This will look terrific in your film.

Tip #3.   We like to take a little time to light the toasts properly so it looks good in the film. To do this right, we highly recommend that the couple separate the toasts from the 1st dance and parent dances in the schedule so we can set up our lights and additional cameras properly. On rare occasion, the photographer may have his or her own ideas but if the videographer does his job and contacts the photographer ahead of time — conveying the couple’s desire for this look in their wedding film – the toasts tend to roll more smoothly.

Morning Prep Tips

The morning of the wedding is always a flurry of activity. It should be a fun enjoyable time. Not stressful. Here are some tips to make the morning easier.
cinemabride morning

Tip #1   Assign someone else the duty of keeping everything on track the morning of your wedding. The best idea is to hire a day planner and let them sweat the details while you enjoy yourself. You rely on them to keep you on schedule, pay vendors, keep everyone in line and on time so you don’t have that burden.

If you decide to have a family or friend handle the job, remember that everything will take longer than you think. Budget in extra time.

Tips #2   Be sure the hair and/or makeup person positions you in front of natural light like a window or sliding glass door. You’ll look fantastic in natural light on your film. A good makeup person will also love that idea. Also, don’t be the last to have you hair and makeup done. Be first or somewhere in the middle.

Tips #3   understand your videographer’s timetable when you plan yours. If the church is an hour away and they need an hour to set up, then you’ll lose them 2 hours before. Be sure to be in your dress before he or she leaves and have everything else covered or you won’t have important moments in your film. This is the one time of the day where the photographer and videographer will have different schedules. Be sure to consider both when planning the morning.

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